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Hello Neighbor Animated Series Update

Welcome (back) to Raven Brooks! Last December we premiered 2 episodes of the highly anticipated Hello Neighbor Cartoon. We are finally done with Episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6. All of these will drop in October on our Youtube channel.

Premiere dates are scheduled for every Saturday:

  • October 7 - Episode 3 premiere link is live

  • October 14

  • October 21

  • October 28

Episode 3 will premiere here:

Season 2 will have 6 more episodes, and Season 3 will have 6 more. We were initially working on them as a 16-episode season, however each of the six episodes shaped up in a very distinctive story arc and tone.

We're very excited to see how this goes. We're producing the series fully independently, and it's funded by game sales. So if you want to support it, go pick up any tinyBuild game.


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