Party Hard 2 Alpha 1 is out now

Good news! The first Alpha for Party Hard 2 is out now, and it's available for free for everyone! Find out more about Party Hard 2 and get the Alpha 1 at Here's a gameplay video of what's included in Alpha 1: We've also opened up Pre-Orders for the Collector's Edition of Party Hard 2. This purchase will also get you Future Alpha Access.

How game conferences can help prevent the Gearbox/G2A Situation

I'm sure by now you've heard about the recent Gearbox/G2A situation. I'm not going to get into details, as that's not what the post is about. TotalBiscuit did a good summary in this video. What kept on baffling me for a while is how a situation like that could come to be. After last year's events when we ousted G2A as a shady marketplace that facilitates a fraud-fueled economy [here's a good summary], it felt like everyone understood the situation and we haven't bothered with it much since. Today, as I was booking my trip to Reboot Develop - a conference in Croatia I've wanted to visit for a long time due to their speaker's line-up. Last year they industry veterans like Tim Schafer, and this

It's Time to Get Shifty - Mr. Shifty is OUT TODAY!

Today is the day, folks! Mr. Shifty is finally out on Steam and Nintendo Switch! Grab it now and go punch dudes in the face. Check out these quotes from awesome, smart, and handsome people: “Mr. Shifty's action-packed adventure about a teleporting hero offers a similar adrenaline high as Hotline Miami and Superhot.”- Eurogamer "A More Empowering Version of Hotline Miami" - GameSpot "I've Never Felt Like More Of A Badass" - Jacksepticeye

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