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Influencer Policy

Hello Influencers!

Here at tinyBuild we believe Influencers are crucial in creating meaningful content and are vital in our efforts to better support the users and communities who love our games. To that end, we authorize any third party to use images and sounds from any of tinyBuild’s video games in your “Let’s Play”, streaming, or other similar videos under the following conditions:

  • The video is only displayed on applicable websites or platforms such as,

  • The video must also display your original content and not only copy content from tinyBuild’s games (for example, it is not allowed to just upload a soundtrack alone or re-upload/re-post tinyBuild’s videos); and

  • The following copyright notice is displayed in or in close connection with all such videos:


This authorization is given even if your videos are monetized or contain advertisements. This authorization may be subject to change from time to time. Should you need formal documentation for this purpose, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact 

Good luck with your videos and thank you for supporting tinyBuild’s Games!


tinyBuild Games LLC

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