Don't let these news be buried! Announcing Graveyard Keeper + Alpha sign-ups are open!

Announcing Graveyard Keeper -- the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of the year. Build & manage your own medieval graveyard while finding shortcuts to cut costs, expand into entertainment with witch-burning festivals, and scare nearby villagers into attending church. This is a game of capitalism and doing whatever it takes to build a thriving business. Official website - Alpha Sign-Ups are open on the official site Steam page Coming to PC and Xbox One in 2017 Developed by Lazy Bear Games of Punch Club fame, Graveyard Keeper takes a dark comedy look at management games. Key Features Face ethical dilemmas. Do you really want to spend money on that proper h

New from tinyBuild at PAX East 2017

The big orange booth is returning to PAX East, and we're debuting TWO first playables on the show floor, as well as our Spring/Summer lineup. Find us at booth #13091 (right behind Indie MegaBooth), schedule an appointment for special press access, and come say Hello Neighbor! The Games *FIRST PLAYABLE* Party Hard 2 PC / Summer 2017 It's the Holiday Season, and you don't get your Christmas Bonus. The only logical solution is to start a killing spree at a corporate party. *FIRST PLAYABLE* Graveyard Keeper PC, Xbox One / 2017 From the creators of Punch Club comes the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of 2017. Hello Neighbor PC / Summer 2017 The stealth horror game already breakin

Guts and Glory is out now on Steam

We just released Guts & Glory on Steam Early Access. The game follows a series of deadly challenges that ordinary people - like a father and son on their bike - need to overcome. Many call the game "3D Happy Wheels", and now that it has a full-on Workshop Level Editor, we believe players who loved contributing to Happy Wheels will love to get involved here. Welcome to Guts & Glory The craziest game show on earth, where ordinary people compete in extraordinary challenges of life and death, for glory! The objective is simple: Race to the finish line while everything tries to kill you. Dodge spinning saw blades, deadly spikes, explosives, turrets, and a growing list of other hazards—while navig

Mr Shifty beta is now available

The long-awaited public beta for Mr Shifty is finally here. Shift through bullets, and master lightning-fast takedowns in an all new kind of action game. Mr. Shifty follows a teleportation-fueled heist to break into the world's most secure facility. The beta features a slice of the upcoming game. We're eager to see what you think! Download Mr Shifty Beta Here

Announcing Party Hard 2, Alpha Sign-Ups Open!

I'm incredibly proud to announce Party Hard 2, the full-on sequel to 2015's stealth strategy game about taking out people at parties. This time around, you're playing as a completely new protagonist who didn't get his Christmas Bonus. The only logical thing to do is to go on a rampage at a corporate party. Official website - New engine. Party Hard 2 features a completely new game engine, rendering 3D environments with real-time shading and physics, while retaining the pixelart look of characters. It looks really neat. 10 years later. Events take place 10 years after the events of the original Party Hard, and you play as a new protagonist. More story details to follow. Playable

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