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Announcing Party Hard 2, Alpha Sign-Ups Open!

I'm incredibly proud to announce Party Hard 2, the full-on sequel to 2015's stealth strategy game about taking out people at parties. This time around, you're playing as a completely new protagonist who didn't get his Christmas Bonus. The only logical thing to do is to go on a rampage at a corporate party.

Official website -

New engine. Party Hard 2 features a completely new game engine, rendering 3D environments with real-time shading and physics, while retaining the pixelart look of characters. It looks really neat.

10 years later. Events take place 10 years after the events of the original Party Hard, and you play as a new protagonist. More story details to follow.

Playable at PAX East. Get your hands on the game at PAX East in Boston in a few weeks!

Coming this summer to PC. Other platforms plans to follow shortly.

Everyone can sign up for the Alpha here.

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