Punch Club is out now on Nintendo 3DS

Punch Club is a boxing management sim about finding love, training hard, and punching ninja crocodiles in the face. The game made waves last year after Twitch Plays Punch Club, and has released on Steam, iOS, and Android. Today we're happy to announce that Punch Club is out on Nintendo 3DS. Completely reworked from the ground up, Punch Club 3DS is now available on the Nintendo eShop.

tinyBuild PAX South 2017 Line-up

tinyBuild is bringing The Good Stuff to PAX South 2017! We've got games, swag, pins, and more -- check out the lineup below, and make sure you come by booth #10669 (no, you won't be able to miss it) and say Hello Neighbor! The Games Hello Neighbor PC / Summer 2017 The stealth horror game already breaking the internet. Your neighbor is hiding something in his basement. Break into his house and figure out what he's hiding. Mr Shifty Summer 2017 When action meets stealth at 10x speed. A teleportation-fueled heist to break into the world's most secure facility Punch Club (3DS) January 19, 2017 The boxing management tycoon that took over Twitch. Completely rebuilt from ground-up to take advantage

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