Making Your Own SpeedRunners Trails FAQ

The SpeedRunners Trails Shop allows SpeedRunners players to create, buy and sell trails to display within the game. This Frequently Asked Questions section aims to answer as many questions as possible about how to create your own trails, and how the shop works. 1. What the heck is the Trails Shop? Similar to games like Team Fortress 2 and Rust, SpeedRunners has its own Trails Shop in which players can buy cool trails. The store works just like other item stores on Steam -- any item you purchase is part of the Steam Economy, meaning it's tradeable for other trails or even items from other games. The cool thing is that if a trail that you created is added to the store, you will get a percentag

Making great GIFs

PAX East is just around the corner, and odds are you're working on making the best possible marketing material for your cool new game! The best way to get hype around any game is ensuring you got a good trailer and GIFs that showoff the game. GIFs might be even more important than the trailer as they're super easy to share. Below is my process for making trailers, GIFs, and sharing all of it. Step 1. Capture gameplay using FRAPS. FRAPS is great at capturing video, and while other tools like Bandicam might be lighter, it's my go-to tool for capturing gameplay footage. FRAPS has been around for a decade and got mass adoption during earlier days of Counter-Strike. Pros - captures great footage

Why we gave away $2m worth of copies of SpeedRunners

We have just crossed 1 million units sold of SpeedRunners (across all platforms), and the game is coming out of Early Access on April 19th. It's incredible to see a 7-digit number of players, but it's even more amazing when you dive deeper and see how we got there. We have given away (in bundles, so basically making us next to nothing per copy) over 200k copies of the game. This might sound like a ridiculous number to give away for next to nothing, but here's the thing: Doing this not only helped save the game from falling into obscurity, but it's one of the main reasons why we have such a strong worldwide playerbase approaching the full launch. Let's talk about how giving away over $2millio

How to enable Dutch gamedev startups to succeed

StartFragmentThe Netherlands is a beautiful place with diverse culture and a relaxing lifestyle. It's great if you want to have a good work-life balance. What's not great about it though is the climate for start-ups and the tax system associated with it. This post is both an open letter to the Dutch tax authorities and a perspective for the worldwide game development scene on what it really takes to run a studio here. I'm just going to give an example of what a typical studio start-up that wants to develop a game needs, implications in today's situation, and an example of how it was done right at other places in the EU. So you're going to start a game development studio! Let's assume the pro

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