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Announcing Welcome To Raven Brooks, a Hello Neighbor Animated Series

The wait is almost over. Welcome To Raven Brooks!

Back in 2018 we wanted to bring the world of Hello Neighbor into animation. We did so with a test pilot released later in 2019 that got tens of millions of views. Coming from game development we thought animation would be easy -- and learned a lot from the test pilot.

We realized it all begins in the writers room and that we needed a solid team with experience in bringing memorable characters to life to actually write the show. We also knew we wanted to tie in the events of Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor, and Hello Neighbor 2 into a single cohesive story.

We teamed up with Man of Action, creators of Ben 10 and spent time on developing this world while tying it into the narrative of the games. Both the Hello Neighbor 2 dev team and Man of Action worked together to make sure the worlds are aligned.


Welcome to Raven Brooks introduces this mysterious world through the eyes of Trinity - a new girl in town, moving with her family to get a fresh start. She moves in next door to Nicky - a savvy kid obsessed with their next door neighbor Mr Peterson. Nicky is convinced Peterson is responsible for the disappearance of his own kids. Joined by Maritza, Enzo, and Ivan from the Inventor's Club, the kids team up to investigate the creepy next door neighbor.


Season 1 will consist of 18 episodes, each 10-14 minutes long. The first two episodes will be dropping within Hello Neighbor 2 and Secret Neighbor on Steam, followed by "Youtube Safe" versions on our Youtube channel.

All of Season 1 will premiere in several batches through 2023.


The series is being developed fully independently and we intend to push the bounds of what's been done in animation. Think Gravity Falls meets Game of Thrones.

For more media please visit

To be the first to watch go ahead and get Hello Neighbor 2 or Secret Neighbor on Steam

Subscribe to our Youtube to see the episodes as they arrive


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