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🎡We’re at PAX EAST 🎡

Roll up, roll up! Come by our crazy carnival this weekend! See the world's tiniest man... and the world's largest spider! 😲 Get your fortune told by Zoltar and experience some of our future games!

👇We’ve got quite the show lined up 👇


Come try out Hello Neighbor 2 Beta! You can also snag a sweet snapshot at our photo stations, we hear Mr. Peterson himself may even make an appearance!

We’ve also got SpiderHeck, Tinykin, RAWMEN, Rhythm Sprout, Potion Craft and JUSTICE SUCKS with some exclusive levels only available at PAX!


Get involved in our Tinykin and SpiderHeck photo contests for the chance to win game codes! Take a Tinykin or SpiderHeck inspired photo at our photo stations and upload it on Twitter or Instagram using #TinykinPAX or #SpiderHeckPAX depending on what photo station you used. We have 20 game codes to give away (10 for each game). Winners will win the full game once the games have been released later this year!

🎪Our carnival doesn’t end there!🎪

Come visit our Potion Shop and play some Potion Craft with fellow Alchemists. Or maybe you’re hungry? In that case we’ve got meatballs... meatballs to fight with at our RAWMEN section! While you’re at it, mind your step, we don’t want you to step on Dusty from JUSTICE SUCKS. We tend to keep him in his cage so he doesn’t cause any further damage.

You might just notice the world’s BIGGEST spider who seems to love particle blades and neon bright lights near our SpiderHeck corner! We’ve also managed to find the world’s tiniest man who doesn’t seem to be from this planet. Maybe you can help him find his way home by playing Tinykin at our gaming stations!

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars

Last but definitely not least, we are excited to announce that Asterigos: Curse of the Stars has joined tinyBuild!

Embark on a journey full of danger in this action RPG, inspired by Greek and Roman mythologies. Explore the breathtaking city of Aphes and forge your way through legions of unique foes and mythical bosses to discover the truth behind the city’s curse.

Play the game at our PAX booth, take a photo with Hilda and Wishlist the game on Steam now!

We hope you have a blast at our booth at PAX EAST! Enjoy the show! 🚀

by Tori Gerbeshi, Community Manager


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