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Visit the (in)famous Amusement Park in the Secret Neighbor Summer update - Available now on Steam!

Hi there!

The days are long, the nights are warm, and the Secret Neighbor Summer Update is officially live on Steam!

Take a trip outside the Neighborhood for the first time & explore the abandoned Amusement Park in a brand new 5th map! Can you uncover the mysteries of the carnival from Mr. Peterson’s tragic past, or will tragedy strike once more as the darkness closes in?


In addition to a spooky new locale, there’s plenty more to look forward to in v1.3.6.0-PS:

New Skins + Emotes

Stop by the Shop to select a fresh fit with a roster of new skins! The circus may have shut its doors, but you’ll still see lions in the big top with The Neighbor’s new skin!

While you’re there, check out the new Emotions section and snag one of three new Neighbor Emotes to inflict a little psychological damage on your foes. - The emote wheel is now also customizable!


New tutorial and trophy room

Brush up on the basics with a brand new Tutorial mode, accessible via the main lobby. Get a hands-on overview of in-game items & how to use them or play through a brief single-player tutorial + character-specific challenges that let you learn a new class on the fly!

Earn and display your achievements in the brand new Trophy room - a new section available via the lobby. Currently, there are three interactable trophies - obtainable via completing Easter eggs!


Overall ambiance update

Almost every source of light has been revamped, and you may find flashlights are now more important than ever, lest your foe sneak up on you in the darkness! It’s not just lighting that's gotten an upgrade though, as new partially interactable vegetation and particle systems now lend to the overall ambiance.

The Match End screen has also been updated to more accurately reflect the excitement of winning a match...or the despair of losing one.


For a complete list of what's new in the Summer update, please see the full patch notes please see Our Steam Page!

We hope you enjoy the Secret Neighbor Summer Update and we'll see you in the Big Top! 🎪

Till next time!

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Cheers! tinyBuild , Hologryph, and Eerie Guest

By Ariana Spandl, Community Manager, tinyBuild


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