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The Hello Neighbor Showcase Recap!

Hey Everyone!

We’ve just recently wrapped up The Hello Neighbor Showcase, our online direct event outlining the many new and exciting updates to come throughout the Hello Neighbor Franchise. In case you missed the event let’s go over what you can look forward to in the coming months!

Secret Neighbor is sneaking onto a platform near you!

It’s been hard to keep this secret locked up but it’s escaped the basement and finally, we can share it.

We’re excited to announce that Secret Neighbor will be coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and iOS! Pre orders for PlayStation are now open, with full release for Both PlayStation and iOS on April 29th. We’ll be sharing our release plans for Secret Neighbor on Switch later this Summer, also, our PlayStation and iOS versions will be cross-play compatible!

In addition to this, we are working hard to provide all platforms a parity of content and synchronized updates in the future and will keep you updated on our progression towards this goal. Our 2021 Secret Neighbor Development Roadmap will also be on its way to you in the coming weeks, so keep a sharp eye out for even more updates very soon!

Hello Neighbor 2 - The AI takeover

Hello Neighbor 2 is nearing its crucial development stage and we are working hard on Alpha 2. There have been some big updates to the AI. Mr. Peterson is now even more capable of learning from previous player behavior in order to plan new ways to thwart you from learning his dark secrets.

But not just Mr. Peterson, every character you encounter in Hello Neighbor 2 will share the same AI core, though their motivations and stories may differ.

Hello Engineer - Full steam ahead

Hello Engineer Beta Testing is currently in progress and we will be sharing more exciting news on its development soon. In the meantime, check out our new trailer!

The Guest is back and he’s...huggable?

In partnership with our friends at Snap Creative, we are very excited to bring you The Guest Musical Plush!

He is poseable, with wired limbs and a swivel head. And he has not one but two music boxes! Press his belly to play music, or press his bag for a surprise!

He is made from soft cotton fabrics and approximately 10.5” tall. Pre-orders are now open and the estimated delivery of this cuddly menace is September 2021.

Get your own Guest Plush: Pre-Order Here!

Hello Neighbor is getting some TLC

And last but not least, over the past few months we’ve been working behind the scenes to update and improve Hello Neighbor mobile version performance and gameplay and will continue to make some additional updates moving forward.

Thank you for checking out The Hello Neighbor Showcase!

By Ariana Spandl, Community Manager, tinyBuild


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