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Secret Neighbor is sneaking onto Switch - Pre-Order Now!

Hi there!

You asked and we answered!

Today we’re very excited to announce that Secret Neighbor, the ever-growing multiplayer Social Horror game set in the Hello Neighbor universe, is coming to Nintendo Switch!

Grab your Switch and reserve your copy now to play first on launch day!


Check out the trailer!


Pre-Order Discount!

And to welcome our Switch players to the community, we have a small launch gift for everyone who plays the game within the first week of release.🎁

Crossplay options!

As the newest members of the Neighbor family, our Switch players can team up with friends across both PlayStation and iOS devices! And, of course, the game will have all the content updates that other console versions enjoy.

Give us your feedback!

We know how important frame rate and low latency are for a multiplayer game, so our engineers have been working on making the handheld Secret Neighbor experience as smooth as possible. Let us know in our Discord how you find the game, and we’ll continue improving the experience based on your feedback after the release!

See you on Switch!


Follow us on social media to get all the latest news from our development team or share your ideas and suggestions.

Cheers! tinyBuild , Hologryph, and Eerie Guest

By Ariana Spandl, Community Manager, tinyBuild


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