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Potion Craft is now available in Early Access

Hello Alchemists!

Today is the day. Potion Craft is now available in Steam Early Access!

Start your journey down the Alchemist’s Path to become the Master Alchemist, brew marvelous concoctions and run your very own medieval potion shop the way you like.

This early access version of the game is full of features, and we’d like to highlight just some of them without spoiling you the experience of discovering and learning the game on your own!

Learn the art of Potion Craft

Every day you are to make the finest and most potent potions for your customer’s needs. Plan ahead, add the base, grind the ingredients, heat the coals, and you’re all set to boil the cauldron! What do you think your next potion could be?

Grow your very own ingredients or buy the missing ones!

Every alchemist should have an enchanted garden where they can grow the ingredients for their magical experiments. Visit yours daily to replenish the stock.

Experiment to your heart’s content!

Discover powerful (and not so much) effects on the Alchemy Map to make your very special potion. Save your favorite recipes to your handy Recipe Book and optimize them later. Level up your skills to become more efficient in your art.

Discover Legendary Recipes

Selling potions is fun. But let’s be honest, it’s everyone’s alchemist dream to create legendary substances and become the Master Alchemist! Find a way to restore the Alchemy Machine in your basement and be ready to put your skills to the test.

There’s still more to come

These are just a few of the many features that await you on the journey down the Alchemist’s Path in Potion Craft. And indeed there’s still more to come! Take a look at some of the things that will be added to the game in future updates.

Follow Potion Craft on Social media channels

Thanks to all the players who helped and supported us (and still do!) on our way to release. We appreciate you. Follow us on Social Media and Discord to stay up to date on everything Potion Craft and chat with the community and developers!


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