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Announcing Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue

Coming to PlayStation VR2 and Oculus Quest 2 / Rift S

Hello neighbors,

The Hello Neighbor franchise continues to expand to new mediums! Not only do we have an Animated Series in development, Hello Neighbor 2 releasing in December, and a few rumored in-house developments -- we just announced a partnership with the amazingly talented team at Steel Wool Studios.

We've been cooking up a brand new Hello Neighbor VR game titled Search and Rescue.

It's coming to PlayStation VR2 and we are pleased to be featured on the official PlayStation Youtube channel for the reveal teaser:

From the PlayStation Blog:

Hey hey, Neighbors!
We’ve gotta hand it to ya, you’re pretty skilled when it comes to outsmarting the neighbor and escaping his clutches, we’ve got to hand it to ya. But, how good are you in a more… let’s say… realistic setting? Well, it’s time to find out!
Together with Steel Wool Studios, we’re bringing you the most immersive Hello Neighbor experience yet using virtual reality in the all-new Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, coming to PlayStation VR2 & VR!
Mr. Peterson’s creepy house takes on a new level of immersion in VR, and there is nothing quite as scary as actually seeing that familiar shadow tower over you just before everything goes black. In Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, you’ll return to that house and take on the role of six little neighborhood heroes as they confront their fears to free their friend who is held captive in a bizarre basement prison.
You’ll need to learn and master each of their unique abilities to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and make it out of the neighbor’s house in one piece, all in the midst of trying not to get caught by the creepy neighbor himself. Just the thought of it sends our heartbeats racing!
Whatever you do, avoid the Neighbor at all costs. However, he may not be the only adversary you encounter as you attempt to liberate your friend and make your great escape.
We hope you’re as excited as we are to play Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue on PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation VR, which will be cross-buy on release! We’ll share lots of exciting news and details about the game down the road, so keep your eyes peeled.
We look forward to seeing you around the Neighborhood soon!


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