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Announcing Pathologic 2

Hey everyone!

This has been a while in the making, and we’re finally ready to take the curtain off a new survival horror game we're working on with Ice-Pick Lodge.

First, the drill-down:

  • Pathologic 2 is an open world survival horror game set in a town being consumed by plague. As the only sane medic around, it's your job to try and save everyone.

  • Coming to PC in 2018

  • Was previously known as just "Pathologic", we added "2" at the end to avoid confusion between the series' complicated continuity: first there was Mor.Utopia aka Pathologic, then there was Pathologic Classic HD (a remake), and now we're working on Pathologic 2. Let's not get back to the naming issue :)

Full game is coming in 2018, alphas are coming sooner

In the good old days of game development, typically you’d get a publishing deal in place — receive funding from a publisher, and lock yourselves in for a couple of years until you ship something. Repeat every few years. It’s clear this work method no longer works, not for us or for the industry as a whole. After seeing what tinyBuild was able to achieve while being completely open with their fans about games like Party Hard, SpeedRunners, and Hello Neighbor, it was clear the dev process needed a change.

To be clear: tinyBuild is coming on board to help produce Pathologic 2, acting as a publishing partner.

In the old structure, we would spend months on getting complicated systems in place, and hope everything comes together in the end.

Today we spend shorter sprints on accomplishing smaller tasks, and playtest what we’ve accomplished — figuring out if the direction is still the right one. This empowered us to come up with a few fun mechanics that’ll be playable this weekend at PAXWest in Seattle.

If the reception of the PAXWest demo is positive, that’ll be the first alpha we release to you guys. Stay tuned.

Sign-up for the Pathologic 2 alpha at

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