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Party Hard 2 Alpha is out now!

I am absolutely in love with the look and gameplay of Party Hard 2. I recorded a couple of videos from playtesting Alpha 2, and the game's stunning.

So here's the plan with Alpha Access for Party Hard 2:

  • Alpha 1 remains free for everyone. You can get it at

  • Alpha 2 is part of Pre-Purchasing. Pre-Purchasing gives you all future alphas, and a Collector's Edition on launch

  • We will have 5-7 Alphas in the coming months. Expect a rapid rate of updates as we iterate on the fly

  • Each alpha will have a new level

  • This will gradually build up into the full game

Unlike Hello Neighbor's Alpha Access, in Party Hard 2 all separate levels build up into the full game.

Pre-Purchase Party Hard 2 Right here:

Don't forget to Wishlist & Follow Party Hard 2 on Steam:

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