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SpeedRunners is out now on PS4

SpeedRunners, the most competitive platformer ever, is finally out on PlayStation 4! It's hard to believe that SpeedRunners sold over a million units on Steam already. It had one hell of a ride being one of the first Early Access games, being showcased at dozens of events and organically creating crowds at each one. Back in 2013 when we had just released No Time to Explain, I randomly satdown at a game showcase in Hamburg, and a Dutch game developer named Casper gave me a controller for what was then known as "SpeedRunner HD". The game had previously flopped on Xbox Live Indie Games, and the duo behind it (DoubleDutch Games) was working on a Steam version. So we decided -- why not partner up, and co-develop the game using the cash we had from No Time to Explain? During the course of this adventure, we became an indie publisher, a porting house, have two development studios, and might just be announcing a few more titles soon. But today let's focus on SpeedRunners. Kotaku went as far as saying that "SpeedRunners is the Competitive Multiplayer Mario Nintendo Should've Made". If you had never played it, imagine Mario Kart as a side-scrolling game where 4 players have to knock each other off-screen using different weapons and pick-ups. Now imagine a skill-ceiling of an Esports game, and you've got a good idea of what SpeedRunners is.

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