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SpeedRunners is coming to Xbox One on June 1st

After we launched No Time to Explain on Steam 4 years ago, we didn't really want to start working on a "game #2". We had some commercial success, but were absolutely burnt out on making indie games. Between getting burned by a Russian publisher called BUKA (brief story), re-releasing the game multiple times, and getting absolutely burnt out, I would never think that a simple coincidental meeting would result in SpeedRunners. I sat down at a game showcase, and was handed a controller. A couple of hours later I was still playing. We decided to invest everything we had made from No Time to Explain into SpeedRunners, and become a co-developer/publisher. Some quick numbers on where we are 4 years later:

  • Sold 1.5m copies on PC (launch trailer)

  • 10k+ reviews with an average rating of 94% on Steam

  • 27k+ levels in the Steam Workshop

SpeedRunners kicked off the tinyBuild publishing brand which brought you games like Punch Club, Party Hard, Hello Neighbor, Clustertruck, and many others. So it with great pleasure that today we get to reveal that SpeedRunners is coming to Xbox One on June 1st. It'll be free for everyone with Xbox Live Gold accounts.

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