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Hello Neighbor Merch at PAX East 2017!

You didn't think we were done revealing all our new stuff for PAX East, were you? We're bringing the first ever OFFICIAL Hello Neighbor merch to PAX East 2017!

The Neighbor makes his debut in Pinny Arcade form! We'll be selling these for $15 at the tinyBuild booth in very, VERY limited quantities, so come and grab them bright and early.

And how about a creepy neighbor shirt to go with your creepy pin? Brand new and hot off the presses, check out our first Hello Neighbor shirt -- available in both kids and adult sizes!

Want to know where all these creepy masks came from at PAX South? That was us, of course! Swing by the tinyBuild booth at PAX East to find out how you can score one of these masks for free!

All you have to do is make your way over to the BIG, LOUD, ORANGE booth this PAX weekend. We're right behind Indie Megabooth and no, you can't miss us.


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