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Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 available now

The long-awaited Alpha 2 for Hello Neighbor is finally out. It contains some of the opening sequences from what will become the final game coming summer. Think of it as a demo for the final game. It contains the final artwork, part of the intro, and part of the tutorial. It's not the final house, that one will be much bigger.

Alpha 2 contains

  • Small tutorial house

  • Opening sequence/tutorial

  • Final artstyle

  • Improved AI: The Neighbor notices things being different; lock your doors

  • You can peek through keyholes by holding E

  • Improved throwing & stacking physics

  • Closer-to-final Neighbor reaction speed: you can't easily runaway from him

  • You can counter the Neighbor with fireworks

  • Short glimpse into the basement upon completion

Here is how the countering works, I lure the neighbor upstairs and then stun him by lighting the fireworks

The Alpha 2 lays out a final structure for the game's art-style. You can see loads of little touches, like depth of field, the colorful-yet-disturbing scenery, and styled props. It's difficult to predict how the final AI Behavior will work in the large-ass upcoming house, so for now we've tweaked him to be able to catch you really fast.

AI Improvements

  • His vision now follows head-direction. So when he turns around, he actually sees around himself. This means it's easier to sneak up on him when he's not looking. Just sneak, not run.

  • He registers things that have been modified without his knowledge. For example in one instance I used an alarm clock to disable a camera. He noticed that, and started investigating the area.

  • You can block his vision with objects. In his bedroom, you can hide behind the TV set for example. In the previous examples of a modified object though, he will notice if you're just placing a chair to block his vision.

  • We've toned down the amount of traps he places in this specific level as the house is smaller

  • His core loop now includes added behaviors such as taking a bath (I know you'll be creeping on that, so he's clothed while doing so), drinking some milk, exercising inside the house, and sleeping in both the bedroom and living room.

Due to the amount of content, new physics, and more advanced AI we expect the Alpha 2 to break in horrible & funny ways. So as always, play at your own risk. Everyone who bought Early Alpha Access now has the Alpha 2 in their Humble game library. If you haven't bought Early Alpha Access, you can do so here:

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