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Party Hard to introduce Multiplayer this week

A huge update is coming this week to Party Hard, featuring local multiplayer, a new soundtrack, twitch mode, and more. Checkout the trailer!

Update to the main game:

  • Twitch vs Streamer mode allows the twitch chat to control NPCs (just like in One Troll Army), and features a cross-stream points system

  • Local multiplayer added to the main campaign

  • New levels

  • New OST

Introducing the "High Crimes" DLC.

  • 10 years after the events of Party Hard, the Party Hard Killer is still at large and has beef with local authorities. A new mini campaign!

  • Several large, scrolling levels that introduce new mechanics

Introducing the Original Soundtrack

Issue with the initial OST was that we fully licensed it, however Youtube treats it as copyright strike until proven otherwise. This prevented many Youtubers from being able to monetize their Party Hard Let's Plays, and we couldn't sell the OST under the license.

So we reinvisioned the OST and it'll be available for purchase.

Check Party Hard out on November 10th!

[Update on Steam's Community]

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