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How to use Party Hard's new Twitch Integration

Party Hard is getting a brand new Twitch Integration update (amongst other exciting features such as local multiplayer and a new storyline DLC). This trailer gives you an idea of what the full update is, and we'll talk about how to use the integration below the fold.

The Party Harder Update introduces a new Twitch Integration system:

  • Chat users can control individual NPCs

  • Chat users can earn badges & points

  • Points are awarded for successfully participating, spent on positive or negative effects to the streamer

  • This works cross-stream, so if I start in your stream, I will keep my points in another person's stream

List of available commands to the chat users

  • 1 / 2 / 3 -- enables voting on Twitch Events, users earn +5 points for every vote

  • say -- allows users to say things within the game, costs -30 points

  • get badge [badge number] -- get a badge next to their username in the in-game UI. Users can choose which badge they'd like, for example "Get Badge 12" will grant them badge number 12.

  • points -- shows a user their points balance

  • getchar -- take control of an NPC on-screen (costs -50 points), you will then be able to give them the following commands:

  • kill -- attempt to kill the player (costs -300 points)

  • pick [coordinate number] -- allows the NPCs to pick up points scattered through the level, for example there might be a coin on "p123", meaning the full command to pick that up is "pick p123"

  • move [coordinate number] -- move to a point on the map, same as pick

  • killrandom -- kill a random NPC on-screen (costs -50)

  • follow -- follow the player (-50)

  • bribe -- bribe the cops to go away, After every successful bribe, the minimum amount will grow

As a streamer, you need to enable the Twitch Integration. The update will go live on Thursday November 10th and we're excited to see everyone try it!

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