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What's in Hello Neighbor's basement? Here's a teaser

What's in the basement?

Ever since we revealed Hello Neighbor, everyone's been wondering -- what exactly is in the basement? I'm not going to tell you. Instead, I'll tease you with a video and talk about the general direction in which the game is going, and how the Alphas are going to work.

Open Pre-Alpha is this weekend

A few weeks ago we sent out the Pre-Alpha to select media people, and you may have caught a few Lets Plays here and there. The Pre-Alpha is meant to test out the core mechanic of the game and check stability. Both are (mostly) a win, and we will be sharing that build publicly with everyone next week.

  • A very small house with just the ground floor.

  • The Neighbor's AI works as intended, but will occasionally glitch out and start throwing tomatoes at you non-stop

  • The controls, the graphics, and the house layout are all placeholder. The final visual style is going to be similar with the one shown in the Basement Gameplay Teaser.

  • It's a small fraction of the game

What to Expect of Hello Neighbor

As with Party Hard, we're taking an iterative approach to the game's design. We want to be transparent about setting expectations while leaving a ton of surprises for the full game. So please keep in mind that the feature list below is likely to change as we get closer to Summer 2017.

There will be one big house, but that's not the only location

The house itself will have multiple floors. Much like the video teaser at the top of this post, it'll branch off into multiple areas that connect with each other with the story. I've mentioned a couple of times that we're doing a game that's combining sandbox elements with story, and that's still what we're aiming for. You'll play in a sandbox-style house with player-triggered story sequences that get you closer to discovering what's in the basement.

  • Large house with multiple floors.

  • A mix of sandbox and story-driven gameplay.

  • The house is not the only location

On conflicting videos/trailers

The Pre-Alpha build has no intro. The TwitchCon stage demo had an intro. The Alpha 1 will have a completely different intro. We're trying different things, so prepare yourselves for different and conflicting information and footage on Hello Neighbor. This is part of our iterative approach -- seeing what works and what doesn't. Just that instead of keeping it to ourselves and scrapping things that don't work, we actually want to show it to fans.

  • Art-style in the Basement Trailer is close-to-final

  • You will be seeing multiple versions of what might become the final house

  • We're taking an iterative approach to everything, and will focus on what works

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