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Clustertruck Twitch Integration Details

Clustertruck is launching next week and I have some exciting news regarding the game's Twitch Integration. Yes, if you stream the game with it enabled, your audience will be able to decide what happens in-game!

How does Twitch Integration Work in Clustertruck?

The Twitch Integration is very intuitive, all you need to do is as usual verify your twitch username and OAUTH. Once you've done so:

  • The Events Bar will pop-up in your UI

  • It has 3 events you can vote on

  • Users vote with #1, #2, or #3

Users vote, and the odds are placed according to the votes. Any other event might still win, and the winner of the casting vote will be displayed in-game.

Events List:

  • Exploding Trucks

Trucks explode all over the place.

  • Inverted

Everyone loves inverted controls, right?

  • Laser Trucks

The trucks have lasers. Yes, the same ones that insta-kil you. Good luck.

  • Earthquake

The ground starts to shake, because the game is too easy.

  • Bouncy Trucks

As a kid, I always wanted a bouncy castle.

  • MinMax

You're going to love this one. Won't spoil it for you.

  • Low Gravity

The gravity is low and you can jump higher.

  • Double Gravity

Everyone is suddenly very heavy.

  • Thin Trucks

The trucks lost some weight and fall on their sides.

  • Fat Trucks

The trucks got some weight on them and are wider than usual.

Enjoy the events, streamers!EndFragment

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