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Making Your Own SpeedRunners Trails FAQ

The SpeedRunners Trails Shop allows SpeedRunners players to create, buy and sell trails to display within the game. This Frequently Asked Questions section aims to answer as many questions as possible about how to create your own trails, and how the shop works.

1. What the heck is the Trails Shop?

Similar to games like Team Fortress 2 and Rust, SpeedRunners has its own Trails Shop in which players can buy cool trails. The store works just like other item stores on Steam -- any item you purchase is part of the Steam Economy, meaning it's tradeable for other trails or even items from other games. The cool thing is that if a trail that you created is added to the store, you will get a percentage of its sales! From within SpeedRunners, or through the web or the Steam client itself, you can find the Trails Shop where we're able to buy trails that have been created (and curated) by the community. Anyone can vote for trails that they'd like to see in the game. Once a trail gets enough upvotes, we as developers will take a look to see if it doesn't contain any inappropriate (e.g. offensive or copyrighted) content or totally bugs out the game or anything like that. If it's a cool trail, we'll add it to the Trails Shop.

2. How do I create my own trails?

You can create your own SpeedRunners trails from within the game itself. Select "Workshop" in the main menu, and then ""Trail Editor"". From here you'll be able to mess around with a bunch of different options, and custom your own sweet trail. Note that the Trail Editor requires you use a mouse and keyboard -- it's a little too difficult to play around with on a gamepad.

3. Can I also use my own custom trails in-game?

Yes! You can create any type of trail you like in the editor and use it in any game mode (ranked, online/offline, practice, etc). You don't have to publish it or put it up for curation or anything like that. However - and this is quite important - other (online) players won't see your unpublished trail in their game. That's because it's pretty easy to make super annoying trails that (for instance) fill up the entire screen, which would obviously ruin the game for anyone that you're playing with. Only trails that have been bought in the store will show up on other players' screens.

4. How do I make my trail available for other players?

The first step is to publish it. This places the trail in a voting queue for other players to vote on. You can see this in action on the Workshop page. Everyone can then vote on it if they want to see this trail in the game. Once your trail gets enough upvotes - and if we (the developers) like it as well - we'll make the trail available for purchase in the Trails Shop.

5. My trail isn't showing up in the vote queue.

You need to accept all of Steam's workshop legal agreements, as well as fill in your bank details. This is because it's really easy to make super annoying trails that simply fill up the entire screen and thus ruin the game. While trails are a super fun addition to the game, we don't want them to be so outrageous that they ruin the fun for others.

6. Won't people make a bunch of awful trails that purposely obstruct gameplay?

This is the important part: Only trails that have been approved for the Trails Shop can be seen by other players, and trails have to be approved by the SpeedRunners team before they can appear in the Shop. We take special care in making sure the game remains fun to play for everyone, so we'll only accept trails in the Trails Shop that meet a certain quality standard. This means no offensive trails, to copyrighted trails, no obtrusive or annoying trails and no trails that cause the game to lag. And since you will only see someone's trail if that person has bought it in the Trails Shop, you shouldn't come across trails that bother you too much. If, however, you still prefer not to see any trails, you can always turn them off in the options menu.

7. What about ESL trails? What happens to those?

ESL Winners received a special ESL-Winners-Trail gifted to them at the launch of the game on April 19, 2016. This item is part of the Trails Shop, but is not for sale or tradeable. The previous way the ESL trail was implemented will not work anymore.

8. What about the Early Access trail?

A special trail was given out at launch for those players who bought SpeedRunners during Early Access. This trail is not for sale or tradeable

9. I don't like trails. Can I disable them?

Yes, there's an option for that in the options menu.EndFragment

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