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tinyBuild hires Indie Prize Director Yulia Vahkrusheva

tinyBuild hires Casual Connect and Indie Prize director Yulia Vakhrusheva to boost its indie publishing push

  • The company is set to publish more games than ever before in 2015

  • The likes of BOID, SpeedRunners, No Time to Explain, Divide By Sheep, Fearless Fantasy and more will launch in 2015...

  • and there are plenty more that are yet to be revealed

SpeedRunners studio tinyBuild Games today continued its rapid expansion plans with the hire of Yulia Vakhrusheva, previously Director of the Indie Prize, and organizer of the Casual Connect conference, as its new Director of Business Development. tinyBuild had a fantastic 2014, both as a developer on titles like SpeedRunners and No Time to Explain, and a publisher on the likes of Lovely Planet, Fearless Fantasy and Spoiler Alert. Now the company is looking to utilize that success to help other indie devs make it big. Bringing Vakhrusheva onboard means tinyBuild's mobile and console plans are well and truly in motion. "I'm happy to continue my work helping out independent developers," Vakhrusheva said of her new role. "I'm excited to go more hands-on with the development and publishing process."

The tinyBuild train clickety clacks onwards

Vakhrusheva joins tinyBuild in the midst of an indie publishing revolution, with the hiring of former game critic Mike Rose just months before, and multiple game signings in a matter of months, including Check-in Knock-out, Divide By Sheep, and other as-of-yet unannounced titles. Meanwhile, tinyBuild has begun its mobile assault with Spoiler Alert, Fearless Fantasy and Divide By Sheep, and hurtles towards its first console releases with No Time to Explain, SpeedRunners and Lovely Planet. And of course, the studio continues to carve out its sizeable abode on Steam, with its Early Access offers of BOID and SpeedRunners, and more PC titles signed and ready for impending announcement.

About tinyBuild Games

tinyBuild is an indie game developer and publisher founded in 2011 by Alex Nichiporchik and Tom Brien. After developing and publishing the Kickstarted No Time To Explain, tinyBuild went on to co-develop multiplayer hit SpeedRunners, while publishing titles like Spoiler Alert, Fearless Fantasy, Bit Brawlers, and Not The Robots.


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