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Punch Club

Lazy Bear Games

January 8th 2016
PC | Nintendo Switch | Xbox ONE | PlayStation 4 | iOS | Android | 3DS


  • Fighter management sim with RPG and tycoon elements 

  • Find out who killed your father, and maybe learn something about yourself along the way 

  • Heavily story-driven, with multiple different narrative branches and game endings to discover 

  • Get as deep with stats as you like, and find your own way through extensive skill trees 

  • Gorgeous pixel visuals with 80-90s references and nostalgia all over the place

Lazy Bear Games

Lazy Bear Games is a small indie game studio based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
The studio was founded 6 years ago by two friends as Game Jam Studio and changed its name to Lazy Bear Games in April  2015.

They started game development as a hobby and now it is their full-time job.

They are big fans of strategic games of all kinds, and decided to mix these 2 things in Punch Club!

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