Why we support Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick has been running all this week, an absolutely fantastic event during which speedrunners from all walks of life tackle their favorite games in the most brisk fashion possible, while tens of thousands of people watch online and cheer them on. The Games Done Quick events are wonderful for multiple reasons: They raise tons of money for great causes (Doctors Without Borders in the case of Summer Games Done Quick), while also highlighting the brilliant speedrunning community -- a community that has of course been around for a very long time, but has particularly been thriving since livestreaming came along. tinyBuild has been one of the main sponsors for the last couple of

tinyBuild's Games Convention Survival Guide

I thought it'd be useful to make a cheat-sheet for convention showcasing for young developers. Past few years we exhibited at GDC/PAX South-East-Prime/Gamescom/EGX and many more. This specific post refers to showcasing at a consumer show or convention, and is specifically designed for an Indie Megabooth-style collaboration where you have a small booth alongside a series of other smaller booths. It becomes different when you scale up. Here's what it's like to build a large booth: I'm writing this in prep for Gamescom specifically, where we are in the Indie Arena with SpeedRunners. Hope it helps! Summary Have a great showbuild Be friendly and open Have a card-sized flier Reward players for bei

Why the original No Time To Explain sucked

StartFragmentWe're about to release No Time To Explain on Xbox One, and a "Remastered" version on Steam. The game's finally been rebuilt in a proper engine (Unity), with developers who actually know how to code games. Neither Tom Brien or I -- the pair who started tinyBuild four years ago -- know how to code properly. We can do rapid prototyping, but we're in no way professional programmers. This is one of the main reasons why the original release of No Time to Explain sucked. I've had this weight on my shoulders for four years, and it seems the right time to finally tell the story of how tinyBuild was nearly killed off before it had even begun. This is also an explanation of why the origina

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