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You move into a brand new suburb and notice your neighbor is hiding something in his basement. The only logical thing to do is to break into his house and figure out what he's hiding.

  • Stealth Horror

  • Procedural AI 

  • Pixar-style visuals 

  • Extremely tense gameplay

Dynamic Pixels

Dynamic Pixels are an independent and young at heart team of highly skilled game developers who games for kids and kidults. The most popular games they have create are Tamagotchi style games, but they like to experiment and from time to time explore other genres. And so, sometimes from their keyboards, mouses and wacom quills they put out something more hardcore.

In 2004, all that they had was a small 4m square office and a few graduates with fire in their heart. They made games for black and white phones with little screens and only 64kB of RAM. In 2015, they have beards, battle scars and have released more than 50 games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, J2ME, and some other platforms.


Hello Neighbor

Dynamic Pixels

December 8, 2017
PC | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch | PS4
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