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Stage Presence

Sea Green Games

PC | Mac | Linux 


  • A comedy-horror-karaoke game where you need to use your voice and wits to win over a fickle mob! 

  • Become the lead singer in the world's unluckiest band playing a huge show when the bands equipment fails! Keep the crowd entertained with your voice (and weird unlockables) while the gear is fixed. 

  • Full VR support - really feel like an angry mob are throwing bottles of piss at your head in VIRTUAL REALITY!

  • Multiplayer mode - join the crowd in another player's game! Cheer them to victory or heckle them failure with the gear at your disposal - laser pens, bottles, glowsticks and flares!

  • Campaign mode - play increasingly weird venues, from a haunted cathedral to an exploding moon base!

  • Karaoke mode - get abused by the crowd to your favorite tunes!

  • Online leaderboards - become the least hated singer on the planet!

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