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One Troll Army

Fly Anvil

May 20th 2016
PC | Mac | Linux


  • Fight as a boss troll with 12 upgradeable skills. Kick, Knock, Wheel, Quake, Taunt, Jump, Ram and Loot your way through the horde! 

  • Defeat various enemies: from small rats to huge ballista-wielding rhino and buffalo bosses. 21 types of enemies and 15 bosses. 

  • Manage the crowd of goblins. Make them builders, looters, miners, loggers and more to harvest resources, restore the fort, get the loot and build new structures. 

  • Manage the fort. Build and upgrade 7 buildings with 3 levels of upgrades from small huts to great castles. 

  • Build and upgrade defense towers. Each fort has 4 towers with 4 types of weapons (stone-thrower, archer, catapult, bomber). Also upgrade weapon types at the barracks. 

  • Hire and upgrade orc mercenaries for support- but don’t let them die on the battlefield! 

  • More than 50 goals and achievements.

Fly Anvil

This developer is really great and makes good games! Did you know about their previous games? Game Title is a great venture for this developer to make it's exciting debut!

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