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No Time To Explain


December 15th 2011
PC | Mac | Linux | Xbox ONE | PlayStation 4


  • USE THE POWERFUL FUTURE CANNON as a gun AND a jetpack! 

  • PLAY AS NEW CHARACTERS to blast, beam, slingshot and catapult yourself through fire, acid and fairy-cakes! 

  • TEST YOUR GUN-GLIDING MASTERY: There are 60 wearable hats hidden around these levels, but where are they? 

  • FACE OFF against giant monsters from alternate timelines, including the most horrific of all: your evil alternate self!

  • Play different versions of yourself from the future! 

  • Fully original Soundtrack! 

  • Create and share your own levels in the built-in Level Editor!


Hello! I'm Tom at tinyBuild and I made a browser game in January 2011 named No Time To Explain. As we started work on tinyBuild in February, I worked on developing No Time To Explain into a Steam release for December.

Since then we've been filling in on artwork for SpeedRunners, coding in the console editions of ClusterTruck and The Final Station, marketing, promotion, translation, and all we can to help talented developers make an impact with their own games!

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