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Lovely Planet

Quick Tequila

July 31st 2014
PC | Mac | Linux | Xbox ONE | PlayStation 4 | Wii U


  • The most authentic First Person Shooter experience, a game of jumping and shooting 

  • Hundred levels to master, five worlds to discover, one faraway destination 

  • Learn and practice each level to earn stars and set world records 

  • Search for multiple secrets hidden deep within each world 

  • Precise Gun Ballet at a flawless 60 frames per second! (conditions apply) 

  • A story so abstract, it's not told at all - you won't know what hit you 

  • Original Soundtrack by Calum Bowen

Quick Tequila

Quicktequila, the studio behind Lovely Planet, is based out of Delhi. It’s essentially Vidhvat Madan, who was also one of the guys behind Circulets. The music is provided by noted indie composer Calum Bowen.

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