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Divide By Sheep

Bread Team

July 2nd 2015
PC | Mac | Linux | iOS | Android


  • 150 mind bending puzzles spread across 4 worlds 

  • Dark humor inbound, parental guidance advised! 

  • What happens when you divide a whole into half? You get two halves! 

  • Lasers, wolves... oh, and also a kraken (The Grim Reaper's pet) 

  • Drown sheep. Or wolves. Or pigs. Do whatever it takes to succeed 

  • Fabulous art-work that quickly goes from cute to disturbing

Bread Team

You save the little animals by solving clever math puzzles. Divide By Sheep is a game of addition and subtraction by any means possible, where puzzles start off fairly easy and playful, yet quickly escalate in both difficulty and dark humor.

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