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  • 100+ Levels of escalating surprises and truck-running challenges

  • Unlockable abilities such as bullet-time, levitation and the truck gun

  • Create your own levels and share them on the Steam Workshop

  • Play even more levels and challenges from the ClusterTruck community

  • Online leaderboards for skill and speed

LandFall Games

LandFall Games is small team of developers in Sweden. Their portfolio leans into a modern design style exploring depth and skill-based gameplay in physics-simulated games.

Makers of Clustertruck, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Air Brawl and Square Brawl.

We contacted LandFall immediately upon seeing ClusterTruck, and ported the game to consoles from the tinyBuild office as it released.



LandFall Games

September 27th 2016
PC | Mac | Linux | Xbox ONE | PlayStation 4
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