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Secret Neighbor has crept its way onto PS4, available now!

Hi there!

Grab your squad, form your best plan-of-attack, and jump into the asymmetrical social horror game about breaking into your creepy Neighbor’s basement...but one of your friends is The Neighbor in disguise, and it's his goal to keep you out!

Since the game’s launch on PC and Xbox in 2019, Secret Neighbor has received many content updates: new neighbor classes, unique abilities for each player, new levels, and more!

Secret Neighbor has come a long way since its early days, and we’re always working to make the game even better with the help of our amazing community of players!

Secret Neighbor is live on PlayStation now as Secret Neighbor's first full launch on the platform. The base game is available for £14.40 / $19.99 / €16.57.

Find the keys, unlock the basement, and watch your back, The Neighbor could be anyone! Follow us on socials to get latest news on the game from our development team or share your ideas and suggestions.

Best, tinyBuild and HoloGryph

By Ariana Spandl, Community Manager, tinyBuild


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