November 8, 2016

Party Hard is getting a brand new Twitch Integration update (amongst other exciting features such as local multiplayer and a new storyline DLC). This trailer gives you an idea of what the full update is, and we'll talk about how to use the integration below the fold. 


September 20, 2016

Clustertruck is launching next week and I have some exciting news regarding the game's Twitch Integration. Yes, if you stream the game with it enabled, your audience will be able to decide what happens in-game!

How does Twitch Integration Work in Clustertruck?

The Twitch...

March 9, 2016

You might think if your game is Youtube-friendly, the streamers will also love playing it. While in some cases this is true, we are seeing an evolution of how streamers build their own loyal communities and interact with them live. It's a different experience than maki...

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