November 29, 2016

I stumbled upon an interesting game called Runorama. It's a pure rip-off of our game SpeedRunners. Coincidentally it was developed by a studio we know -- called iLogos. I reached out to the studio, and they say that the company N-Dream (creators of Airconsole) approach...

November 22, 2016

The long-awaited Alpha 2 for Hello Neighbor is finally out. It contains some of the opening sequences from what will become the final game coming summer. Think of it as a demo for the final game. It contains the final artwork, part of the intro, and part of the tutoria...

November 10, 2016

The long awaited game about stopping parties by any means is finally out on mobile! 

Checkout the trailer

Party Hard is also out on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. Checkout the Steam page here:

November 8, 2016

Party Hard is getting a brand new Twitch Integration update (amongst other exciting features such as local multiplayer and a new storyline DLC). This trailer gives you an idea of what the full update is, and we'll talk about how to use the integration below the fold. 


November 8, 2016

A huge update is coming this week to Party Hard, featuring local multiplayer, a new soundtrack, twitch mode, and more. Checkout the trailer!

 Update to the main game:

  • Twitch vs Streamer mode allows the twitch chat to control NPCs (just like in One Troll Army), and fe...

November 7, 2016

What's coming for Hello Neighbor in the next few months? Two more builds!

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